Expanding franchise to all ECSD parents

Edmonton Catholic is one of the fastest growing school districts in Alberta and immigrant families account for a large percentage of that growth. I have recently tabled a motion that would give immigrants to right to vote in municipal elections. I started thinking of all the hundreds of doors I’ve knocked on, and how many people have had kids in the system from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and are still waiting for their Canadian citizenship, but have been landed immigrants for four or five years and have never been able to vote for the trustee that represents their child. 

Specific Goals

Aboriginal Issues in Education

You can read here a motion regarding FNMI students that I introduced this past term and will continue to pursue. You can also download it here.

Four Year Pathway to an Alberta High School Diploma

You can read here a motion from last term's Chair, Laura Thibert, that I endorsed, believe in, and will see through. You can also download it here.

Protect publicly-funded Catholic education

Preserving the right to Publicly Funded Catholic Education is my top priority!

If we look at the political landscape, we see the School Act being reviewed.  The Minister has asked for input from Albertans.  Several groups have indicated they believe we should have one Public School Board, and that Catholic Education could be a program of choice within a public Board.  Catholic Schools are far more than a Program.  Catholic schools are places where faith permeates everything we do.   Trustees and the entire Catholic Community  must make our voices heard loud and clear and provide our input to the government.  We must make it known that we want Publicly Funded Catholic Education.   We must continue to show why we are unique, and why we are of great benefit not only to Catholics, but to all Albertans because of the results we achieve.  Whether it is early learning, inclusive education, high school completion rates, variety of programing, or academic achievement we are leaders. With unprecedented growth, the numbers show Albertans want Publicly Funded Catholic Education; see these numbers here! This is what we need to talk about at every opportunity.

When false information hit the media and Catholic Education was being attacked on Ryan Jespersen’s radio show, I called Ryan Jespersen and did an interview to clarify the information and defend Catholic Education! You can listen to this interview here.