Kelly McCauley

Edmonton West MP

I am pleased and proud to endorse Debbie Engel for the position of Catholic School Trustee. 

I am privileged to know Debbie personally and professionally, and I am continually impressed by her dedication to her work, passion for our community, and professionalism in representing her constituents in Ward 74. With Debbie on the Catholic School Board, I am comfortable knowing that we are represented by someone who always puts students first. Debbie states that her vision is for every student to reach his or her full academic potential, and this goal is evident in Debbie’s actions as a trustee of student education.

She has earned the trust of her constituents as an elected trustee an impressive six times. The constituents of Ward 74 would be well-served re-electing Debbie for a seventh consecutive term.

Kim & Jason Street

ECSD Parents

September 30, 2017

Re: Debbie Engel

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is written in support of Debbie Engel who is seeking Re-Election to Ward 74 as the Edmonton Catholic School Board Trustee.  The only way to explain how important Debbie is to our school board is to tell you our family’s story.  We have three children, all with special needs, including a traumatic brain injury, a severe type 1 diabetic and the third with a congenital heart condition.  To say it has not been an easy road for us is an understatement but then throw into the mix the educational journey.

Our oldest had settled into his school of St. Martha Elementary which was huge for us but then our third son was born at 32 weeks.  He was in the NICU and we were told that he had three holes in his heart and required open heart surgery.  At the same time, we were told that the supports for Connor were about to go on strike and that we needed to come and care for him during the day.  This was way too much for us to handle.  My husband was working and I was trying to manage going back and forth to Grey Nuns Hospital on top of having a middle child to care for.  I didn’t know what to do so I contacted Debbie Engel our Trustee for Ward 74.  I didn’t think she would talk to a stressed out mother but she did.  She called the day Keegan was released from one hospital and getting ready to go to Stollery Children’s Hospital.  Not only was she loving and willing to listen she went into action.  She contacted our Superintendent Joan Carr and asked what could be done for our family.  Next thing I knew they had a plan for our son with a brain injury to continue to go to school without us being there while the strike was happening.  One more thing taken off our plates so we could breath and deal with the other issues we were dealing with at the time.   

No matter who you are or what your struggles are and you need someone to listen to you when it comes to your children education she has always been there.  From her fighting to keep Sister Ananta Brockman from going from a Kindergarten to Grade 9 school to only K to 6.  She is there to deal with the tough talks and she won’t back down. There are many more stories we can tell you that will support her re-seeking her spot as Edmonton Catholic Trustee. 

She understands us as she too is a mother of two girls and has gone through the process.  She has had her highs and lows in the educational world and that is what makes her the best candidate for Ward 74.  We need someone who not only lives in the area but who has had children in the system to fight for what our education system requires both today and in the future. 

Our family highly recommends Debbie Engel to be Re-Elected to Ward 74 as Edmonton Catholic School Board Trustee.



Kim and Jason Street

Jude De Almeida

M.Ed. (Secondary Education), former teacher

Debbie Engel for Trustee Ward 74!

Passion! Experience! Leadership! Her passion is for Catholic education and she loves serving the Catholic community. I've known Debbie since our daughters, now 28, began kindergarten together. Our families are very active members of Good Shepherd Parish. Debbie is the recipient of the 125th Anniversary of Confederation of Canada Medal. I endorse her 100%.

Judy Buddle

Former ECSD trustee

As a former trustee of Edmonton Catholic Schools, I am pleased to endorse the candidacy of Debbie Engel as trustee for Ward 74. Debbie and I were elected a first time trustees in 1988 and worked together for nine years. In the capacity of a trustee, Vice-Chair, and Chair of the Board, Debbie was a strong leader, an innovative thinker, a quintessential relationship-builder, and a team-player. Debbie always kept the students, staff, and parents at the heart of her work as a trustee. Her excellent relationship with government officials brings to life the voice of Catholic parents and students in Edmonton.

Over the last 12 years Debbie has shown pragmatic leadership, an authentic Catholic conscience, visionary inspiration, wisdom, integrity and innovation.

Debbie helps parents (who are the primary teachers) help themselves, guiding our students through excellence in Catholic Education.

The promotion and protection of Catholic Education- which is an extension of the gospels- is her mission and commitment; she is a stellar example of "walking the talk," deriving the best education possible for students.

Debbie's love and passion for Catholic Education continues to thrive. The experience and wisdom gained over her years serving education will benefit all of us in the Catholic community if she is re-elected. I urge you to vote for Debbie Engel for Ward 74 Trustee.

Kristin Robb

Former ECSD student and B.Ed student at University of Alberta

Since I began my education in the Catholic system in kindergarten, Mrs. Engel has always been present to encourage me and help me overcome any obstacles I faced. When she became school trustee, she helped me and my sister solve problems we were having at school by using tools available to us. She has been a constant presence in my church and in my neighborhood. It was easy to get a hold of her and she was very attentive to my individual problems. I encourage all of you who are able to vote to re-elect Mrs. Engel so she may continue helping students like my sister and I in their educational journeys. Thanks for listening!

Megan Engel

My mother, Debbie Engel, is running for re-election to the position of Catholic School Trustee representing  Ward 74.  On October 16th, I urge you to demonstrate your support both of the democratic process and of an incumbent who has demonstrated excellence in leadership on our behalf and vote for Debbie Engel for Catholic School Trustee!

My mother has been on the board for 19 consecutive years, serving for the majority either as board Chair or Vice-Chair. She has worked tirelessly to open seventeen new schools.  She has worked hard to find innovative strategies to modernize existing schools (Archbishop MacDonald, construction of the Field House at St. Fx, & more).  She serves as a compassionate voice for every child (every person, for that matter, who believes in Catholic Education and our right to it) in our district. She devotes her life to infusing her faith into service of the school district, making her trusteeship her full-time job. She is absolutely the most qualified and experienced candidate running for the position; she has demonstrated nothing but unparalleled leadership and phenomenal aptitude for over a decade, not to mention her love and passion for serving others.

The most recent year has been a turbulent one for the Catholic school board, but it has allowed my mother to demonstrate her resilience; ability to resolve conflict and come to the table to negotiate with people of a variety of ideologies; and her enduring passion for her mission to bring Christ into our schools in the face of scepticism and criticism of publicly-funded Catholic education. As ECSD navigates an ever-changing social, political, and economic climate, the most important thing we can do as Catholics is advocate love, show mercy, and live out our Catholic values with conviction. Debbie Engel has never compromised her foundational faith, nor shown anything but an unwavering commitment to loving each and every child that walks through the door of a Catholic school. I would want my own children to benefit from this kind of love and humble leadership, and I am therefore trying earnestly to encourage as many people as I can to vote for Debbie Engel. Alongside her marriage, Catholic educational trusteeship is my mom’s true vocation!

Any volunteers who wish to help with her campaign are more than welcome!  Please call (780) 970-7160 or e-mail electengel@gmail.com to inquire. Any queries regarding Debbie's strong convictions, background, or accomplishments are welcomed; please contact her by phone or e-mail using the aforementioned information. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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