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Beliefs & Values

Every child should be treated with love and respect regardless of background, colour, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, family status, or genetic characteristics. I believe in inclusive education for all students in all schools. In my years on the board
, I have worked personally with single parent families, broken families, and many other complex situations such as families:


  • Caring for children with autism, schizophrenia, or mental illness

  • Dealing with addiction of any form

  • Caring for elderly parents or relatives

  • Dealing with grief 

  • Strained by financial problems 

  • Struggling with abuse, negligence, or violence 

  • Harmed by the infidelity of a parent

  • Better understanding gender identity or homosexuality

  • With often absent parents because of career demands

  • Separated from home by war or natural disaster

  • Trying to begin again as newcomers to Canada

  • Dealing with chronic or terminal illness

I will always be there to help every family we serve.

Mission & Vision
My deepest passion lies in serving and striving to infuse my earnest faith in God into every effort to better the school system. I believe in the mission statement of the district: that we are inspired by love of the Father, faith in Jesus Christ, and hope from the holy spirit. I envision a school district where we all learn together, work together, celebrate together, and pray together.
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